Saturday, March 3, 2007

"Sessiz ve Abartısız" Sergisinden

“Sessiz ve Abartısız”:
13 Ocak-30 Ocak 2004//13 January-30 January 2004
Mekan//Place: K2 Art Center, Izmir
Sanatçılar//Artists: Alper Demir, İlke İlter, Hakan Kırdar, Gökçen Şahmaran
Sergi Yapımcısı//Curatör: Ramazan Bayrakoğlu

“..At this point Ilke Ilter, ignoring what is difficult: fictionalizing and descriptions, aims at destroying the ordinary relation between the line and the surface. The technical unison of line with the surface is investigated as the expression capabilities of the material in the paintings of İlter. Ilter does not describe the picture of something, she directly forms the faces of the papers, turns the papers into faces gazing at the viewer with the same wonder and sometimes with frightening expressions. The artist so simplifies these lines belonging to the paper that the faces turn into signs consisting of a few dots. In fact, as the target simplicity could be felt, one can say that these dots even become something extra on the paper; as it seems that her target, by destroying the lines and the dots, is to leave the viewer face to face with blank papers as portraits. What she wants is to relate her own disappearance with the disappearance of the line and make the viewer a partner in her mystical vanishing, that is to say committing suicide on the paper…” (1)

(1) Ramazan Bayrakoğlu, “Sessiz ve Abartısız” Exhibition Catalogue, 27.01.2004