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PiArtworks-Kişisel Sergi


Sergi Tarihleri: 1-30 Kasım 2007
Sergi Salonu : Pi Artworks Ana Sergi Salonu
Adres :Muallim Naci Cad. No: 25 Ortaköy - Istanbul - TR 34347


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“Nesne Haline Gelen Boşluk”:
02-23 Aralık 2006//02-23 December 2006
Mekan//Place: Koridor Galeri
Sanatçılar//Artists: Barış Tanyıldızı, Borga Kantürk, Cahit Akkaya, Gül Öğüt, Gülcan Şenyuvalı, Hakan Kırdar, Hayri Esmer, İlke İlter, Seda Özen, Şadiye Tüfekçi, Özgül Kılınçarslan, Yasemin Sarıkaya
Sergi Yapımcısı//Curatör: Gülay Yaşayanlar

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"Genç Açılım" Sergisinden

>> The Young Expansion Exhibition has opened at Pera Museum as one of the activities organised on the occasion of the Internationl Art Assocation’s Third European General Asembly being held at Pera Museum on June 16-18, 2005. The exhibition presents work by 61 artists under the age of 35.
"Genç Açılım", Pera Müzesi, 8 Haziran-30Ekim 2005, İstanbul

"Bedenim Benim Kalemdir" Sergisinden

The Contemporary Art Center Siemens Sanat started its activities in 2006 with the "My Body is My Castle" exhibition. The exhibition curated by Marcus Graf brings "body and figure", one of the most classical subjects of art, into the center of our lifes with contemporary forms.

Siemens Sanat starts 2006 with the "My Body is My Castle" exhibition. The artists participating the exhibition curated by Marcus Graf interpret the "body" as a castle protecting us from the outside world.

The artists built their work on the fact that the only reality we can perceive in an ever-changing society is our "bodies"; they interpret the body with a brand new approach, expressing the changes in our castle. The exhibition brings the body, the border between the outside world and our innerselves, to the center of contemporary art, while questioning the society of our time.

Curator Marcus Graf, summarizes the content of the exhibition: "Media and visual reality affect our relations with our bodies. We live in a time where forms are losing ground, and the bodies are deformated more and more every single day. This is a complete paradox given the fact that people run to fitness centers to preserve their physical form, and that conscious nutrition became very important." Graf describes the exhibition as a ground where the individual can feel his/herself freely in this time of intermediaries. Graf indicates that the exhibition renders Siemens Sanat, a place where people overcome their limits with their bodies, and find themselves within the vasteness of modern life.

The "My Body is My Castle" exhibition sponsored by Siemens will include drawing, painting, photograph and video works, and will be open between the dates January 31 - March 12, 2006 in Siemens Sanat.

“Bedenim Benim Kalemdir”Sergisinden
Siemens Sanat Galerisi, 31 Ocak-12 Mart 2006, İstanbul
Sergi Küratörü:Marcus Graf

7x7 cm, kağıt üstüne akrilik boya, 2005

Sergiden Görüntüler

Jan Löchte

Jin-Ho Heo

Bora Akıncıtürk

Gözde Avcı

İlke İlter, 20x25 cm, tual üstüne akrilik, 2005